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Hosted Desktop

Customizable Desktop Hosting.

Why Us


Have the ability to run any operating system or application in the cloud for your staff to use. Running an OSX environment but need Windows applications? We have you covered.


Security is a top priority, especially when dealing with client data. This is why we have chosen data centers with military-grade encryption and ISO 27001 & 270017 accredited.


What is a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktop is a solution that allows you to run a computer in the cloud without the requirement of its physical hardware. These solutions are very flexible, giving you access to customise your own environment to suit your businesses needs.

What are the benefits?

Accessible on any device, Hosted Desktops appear as if they are running locally and is displayed to you in the exact same way regardless of where you are working from in the world, whether it be in the office on your PC or on the train with your tablet. It's also a highly cost-effective solution, saving you potentially thousands on expensive hardware.

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