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Need an IT consultation?

Find out how your business could excel even further, for free!

Why Us


 As your business grows, so do the requirements of your technical environment, with our hosting platform you can add or remove processing power at ease. With access to unlimited virtual hardware, your business can expand without being slowed down.


Security is a top priority, especially when dealing with customer data. This is why we have chosen data centers that are ISO 27001 & 270017 accredited with military-grade protection.


Being efficient is important. Our engineers work proactively rather than reactively, constantly looking for issues that could arise and saving potential downtime.

At Vaycron, we believe in the importance of having the correct infrastructure for your business. Why not take on our free consultation service and see how we can help you optimise and improve your existing systems? With vast knowledge and experience, our experts can analyse your current infrastructure and suggest any additional services from which your business may benefit!

What are the consultation steps?


Step 1 - Meeting & Discussion

The first step is to get a meeting scheduled so our engineers can understand how your business runs and the history of it. The discussion will include any and all of your business' requirements and IT needs.


Step 2 - On-site Audit

In this part of the process, we would carry out a physical audit of your business' infrastructure and identify any issues and where improvements could be made.


Step 3 - Report & Analysis 

Finally, we will generate a report and give an analysis where

we’ll look over our findings to decide if the current IT infrastructure is fit for purpose. It is here where we decide what is best for your business after checking whether it is operating efficiently and securely.

What do we check during the consultation?

Network - Is your internet connection stable & fast enough for your usage? Enable staff to work from home or anywhere in the world with remote services!

Hardware - Equipment such as routers, switches, PC's & mobile devices are key components that enable your business to operate. Are your computers running fast enough? 

Software - Is the software you're using appropriate and cost-effective? Providers such as Microsoft & Amazon provide a wide range of services, many of which could benefit your business massively.

Backup - One of the most important parts of the infrastructure, is your data backed up? What happens in the case of a disaster? Backups are invaluable and having a disaster recovery plan is crucial. Make sure you backup.

Security - Also another key part of your infrastructure, making sure your network is secure and your data is protected. Are your emails authenticated correctly? Anybody can pretend to be your business' owner.

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